Ultrasound Equipment A5V

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The A5V is the entry model of SonoScape's black & white

series. It comes with two transducer sockets, adjustable

12 inch LCD monitor with anti-glare function suitable for

outdoor examinations as well as dedicated veterinary

software optimised for a wide range of animal clinical



As an ultra-compact Ultrasound, the A5V combines

easy-to-use features with exceptional imaging quality

not only to make diagnosis more reliable and efficient

but also to maximise the users confidence and comfort.


Five Variable Frequencies

This technology minimises the inconvenience of

frequently changing probes by working with broad band



Specialised Veterinary Design

Anti-dust, anti-glare, three-meter transducer cable.


Body Marks

5 kinds of veterinary body marks including Canine, Feline, Equine, Ovine and Bovine.


Specialised Veterinary Transducer

Anti-corrosion cable surface, 12MHz Linear probe and 6.5Mhz micro-convex transducer, convex probe and endocavity probe.



Optional built-in battery for 3-hours of continuous scanning


High documentation ability

USB 2.0, JPG, WMV, DICOM 3.0, etc

Ultrasound Equipment A5V