High Frequency Generators

MS HF Series 100 kHz HF X-ray generator

Operators can choose from and reprogram to their own preference each of the 100 APR programs distributed across 10 anatomical bodily regions. Available for a wide variety of powering options for both radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures, the MS HF LC Series of high frequency radiographic generators continues PLH Medical’s tradition of providing hospital grade quality components.


The MS HF Series generators are available as 3 phase, single phase and stored energy models.



PLH Medical has long been recognised as a market leader in the area of Chiropractic diagnostic imaging. With hundreds of installations across the UK our advanced imaging solutions we believe are second to none.


When combined with our Milestone High Frequency generators the CHIRO-PRACTICAL Radiographic System offers an affordable solution to meet the diagnostic imaging needs of every chiropractic office.


Whether for film, Computed Radiography (CR) or single flat panel DR technology, this system is designed to meet the high performance demands of most settings by employing the latest technology in our generators and using versatile, durable, hospital grade quality components.


Digital Radiography

Advanced Image Processing Technology

Looking for an affordable way to move from conventional to digital imaging? Look no further than Agfa’s compact table top Computed Radiography (CR) systems. Our Computed Radiography solutions are outstanding and a true market leader.


All images are scanned in high resolution.

Very fast processing speeds.

Fully automatic loading and unloading of cassettes.

CD Burner with image viewing software.

Body part specific algorithms for Chiropractic Radiography.


Since the popularity of digital imaging in the Veterinary market, Agfa Healthcare’s NX software incorporating Musica Image Processing has been at the forefront of technical innovation. Agfa NX software provides versatile and powerful tools that are relied upon in day to day veterinary practice. With the recent ground breaking launch of Musica3, PLH Medical’s digital solutions go from strength to strength.

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