Midmark VetAssure Standard 18L Chamber

The Midmark VetAssure standard 18L chamber

 is ideal for general veterinary use in small and

medium sized practices. Alternatively, consider

the longer chambered 23L version, which still

sits comfortably on a standard work bench, but

is perfect for higher throughput surgeries or

instruments used on larger animals or for

specialised procedures.

The VetAssure Range of Autoclaves comply

with all the relevant European Directives and



Designed and manufactured in Italy, the VetAssure is built to the highest standard delivering quality, efficiency, speed, simplicity and reliability.


One of the unique features of the VetAssure range is that all models incorporate a steam generator, injecting steam directly into the chamber. This enables the Autoclave to operate with some of the fastest cycle times on the market whilst remaining highly energy efficient.


Both the VetAssure B and S class autoclaves meet the highest standards required for vacuum sterilisation and are suitable for all wrapped, non-wrapped, solid, hollow and porous loads, meeting the BS EN13060 standard for steam penetration and resulting in dry packs and instruments.

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