TMS Mobile X-Ray unit

The TMS mobile radiographic unit family covers all the

specific needs of the radiographic examination where

mobility is essential. There are three versions TMS5-

3,3kW , TMS150-15kW and TMS300-30kW. All these

solutions require only a standard mains plug.


This advanced mobile X-Ray unit achieves very short

exposure times limiting the effects of the loss of

resolution caused by the patient’s movement, even for

examinations requiring a higher dose level.

A microprocessor controls the operation and manages

all parameters achieving constant linearity and

repeatable results time and time again.


The APR system allows a simple and quick use of the unit

by the storage of the most used exposure parameters.


An even distribution of the weight and a very low centre of gravity allows easy for easy stability and manoeuvring. The wheels are made from a special density material allowing a frictionless rolling on every kind of surface in the operating environment. The wide balancing arm gives the possibility of an easy setting of the Focus-Film-Distance, in every diagnostic situation. A wide storage compartment gives the possibility to accommodate comfortably up to 4 radiographic cassettes.


TMS 300

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