PLH Medical and Wildlife Vets International move forward together to help endangered wildlife in the Seychelles.

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PLH Medical, a leading Agfa Healthcare Distributor provided the support, expertise and equipment for this exciting rescue project.


Turtles are poached for their shells and Mud turtles, as the native terrapins are called, live in muddy marshes that continue to be developed. Therefore many are found homeless wandering the roads and subsequently come in to contact with moving cars.


Marine Conservation Society, Seychelles, has formed a partnership with Banyan Tree Resorts to rescue, rehabilitate and protect these  species in particular. There are less than 200 red bellied mud turtles so every individual counts.


In forming the rehabilitation centre, MCSS invited WVI to provide veterinary expertise into the planning and also to provide some training for the few local vets who have no expertise in wildlife.

In February 2015, avian and reptile surgeon, Johanna Storm, visited the islands, providing much needed training and equipment. The islands have no dedicated wildlife facilities or diagnostic equipment.

Turtles and terrapins are difficult to diagnose without x-ray due to most of their body being covered by a shell and so it is imperative to get the best  x-ray solution out to them as soon as possible before mud turtles die due to lack of diagnosis.


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