Siemens introduces a new ultrasound system: the ACUSON P500, FROSK edition providing advanced imaging for veterinary practices

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The ACUSON P500TM FROSK is a portable,

ultrasound system. It is extremely easy to

use and provides excellent 2D and colour

Doppler imaging thanks to built-in

sophisticated technologies migrated from

Siemens' ACUSON S FamilyTM of premium

ultrasound systems.


The ACUSON P500 introduces two new premium technologies that continuously

provide sharp ultrasound images, regardless of animal or probe motion - Dynamic Persistence and patent-pending Auto Flash Artefact Suppression. Working together, these technologies detect movements that affect image quality, and automatically reduce noise while simultaneously enhancing colour sensitivity for clear images.


-  The durable industrial design allows for rigorous use, and easy storage.

-  Weighing under seven kilograms, the ACUSON P500 FROSK is equipped with

   a battery option that offers up to 60 minutes of scanning time.

-  The system is ideal for any setting where performance is critical and space is
   limited, helping vets make quick clinical decisions.